How Sustainable Packaging Comes Socially and Ecologically Beneficial

As a business, you should take the responsibility to find the right packaging solution for shipping your product. While finding the right packaging including food packaging, you must consider the materials, cost, size and more. And sustainable packaging would be the best packaging solution considering all of these factors. Opting for this packaging offers a number of benefits in terms of leaving more positive social impacts and least ecological footprint.


  • Decreased carbon footprint

The most obvious benefit of sustainable packaging is in relation to protecting the environment. Mostly sustainable packaging is done using biodegradable, recycled materials that reduce waste of natural resources for production and minimize negative impacts the businesses otherwise could have on our environment. Some ingredients, especially soy ink, used in sustainable packaging, help protecting the environment. Soy ink has a very low level of VOCs – volatile organic compounds that cause harm to the planet.

  • Biodegradable

In addition to reducing environmental impact and carbon footprint, sustainable packaging has affirmative, long-term effects even after it has served its purpose. Such alternative sustainable materials are absolutely biodegradable and utmost eco-friendly, leaving nominal impact on the planet. Customers having compost facilities can just turn the discarded packaging into fuel for the plants while others without this facility can simply bury the remnants as the materials biodegrade within a short time span.


  • Multipurpose and easily available

It keeps up health of environment from beginning to end. Besides, because of its versatility, every major industry depends on sustainable packaging for their regular retail packaging needs. Whether you’re looking for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, hospitality items, electronics or food – there’s an eco-friendly packaging product available to serve your green purposes. It comes even handier to supply water, food, clothing and other essentials to the areas affected by natural calamities or political turmoil. Sustainable packaging gets them there safely and ready-for-use. And this is one of the most crucial social benefits of sustainable packaging.

  • Safe for family

Tamper proof date codes, seals and pop-up lids protect you and your family by ensuring that the foods and medications are safe at the point of purchase and perfectly ready for consumption as they reach your home.


  • Product protection

By preserving the freshness, nutritional value and taste (in case of perishable products like foods and drinks, and medications) of the products you buy, sustainable and eco-friendly packaging helps extending food shelf life and trims down waste and spoilage.

  • Convenience

Want to milk your own cows or harvest own food? Want to purchase things you require in bulk? Want to take a canteen on a picnic or a long trip? Well, sustainable packaging helps supporting your unique lifestyle choices.


  • Improved brand image

For the businesses, sustainable packaging helps to improve their brand image. As your clients come to know that you use sustainable, green resources, they’ll see you as an environmentally responsible company. And improved brand image will definitely help enhancing your company’s profit margin and so your ROI.

Besides, minimizing negative environmental and economic impacts, sustainable packaging also maximizes positive social impacts.

5 Latest Trends in The Food Packaging Industry You Were Not Aware Of

Not everyone is aware of the fact that the packaging industry has recently experienced some drastic innovation and become more technologically advanced. Members of this industry are willing to uncover new challenges by generating packaging materials having more potential. When it’s about the food industry, the importance of retail packaging multiplies.

Retail packagingFood packaging


The food packaging industry has become quite competitive and vibrant. According to a recently conducted survey, new packaging trends are evolving and are expected to rule the next few years. This will not only impact the food brand but also influence how consumers will interact with the packaging of the food.

Opting For Food Packaging? Know The 5 Latest Trends And Stay Updated

  • Personalisation

When it’s about the design of the packet, having a personal touch is a vital point to consider. This will help the brands interact with their customers on a personal level and deliver the experience they are expecting. There are few companies who let their customers design the label of their food products and customise it. This is treated to be their new source of revenue.

  • Clean And Clear

Unless the label on the food products is clean, clear, and precise, consumers won’t get easily attracted. Opting for food packets loaded with lots of messages is something they generally don’t prefer. Vital information like the ingredients and their nutritional value, safety, and function are sufficient. This information should be conveyed in an easy manner so that consumers can take an informed decision of purchasing it without any confusion.


  • Appealing

Food manufacturers and brand owners are getting conscious about the importance of packaging which is appealing to their consumer’s senses. The visual appeal is the primary element that can attract consumers towards the packaging of your food products. Designing should be done in such a way that can arise human senses. It should have a touch of luxury, freshness, and quality.

  • Mobilisation

With mobile technology becoming more dominant, mobile-engaged packaging is also rising. The information on the packets should be conveyed in the smartest and intelligent manner. Since consumers are becoming more phone savvy, brand owners are willing to provide short information which can engage their customers. Smart labels or the ones having bar codes are also rising. Consumers can use their smartphone to read those codes.

  • Weight

Brand owners are now well aware of the fact that consumers prefer food products packed in lightweight materials. Companies engaged in packing water bottles, nowadays prefer printing on the bottles directly, instead of opting for labels. An easy tear-off near the neck is all that is required. This keeps the weight of the bottle light and offers top-load performance.

Food packaging

One of the main reasons why food manufacturers are opting for innovative food packaging is to keep their customers engaged and enhance their brand loyalty. If you also want your brand to outshine its peers, start following the trends stated above.

Advantages of Disposable Paper Cups You Should Be Aware Of

Paper cups have increasingly become popular with time, especially in commercial areas. From coffee shops to gyms and from offices to food vans, these cups are being extensively used for a variety of reasons.


Apart from being portable, they are hygienic as well. They are usually made of thick paper or cardboard, along with a plastic coating that makes them look glossy.

Certain brands incorporate their name and logos on the cups to deliver a personalized look to them. Read on to know the multiple advantages of using paper cups in homes, professional and commercial areas.

Light Weight


The paper cups are extremely light in weight, which eases up the transportation and storage processes.

You can carry them in bulk quantities, cutting down extra transportation costs for multiple trips. These cups can also be stacked up one above the other without damaging the ones at the bottom.

Safe in Nature


Paper cups are safe to use as they are made of natural material. They are devoid of any toxins that may contaminate the drinks.

This eliminates the possibility of chemicals getting into your bloodstream. Unlike glass cups, they are not brittle and you need not devote as much attention to them while storing.

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One of the most important reasons for the popularity of paper cups is the level of customization they offer.

You can avail these cups across various designs and textures. Companies tailor the design in a custom-made manner, with certain colours and patterns. Thus, they can infuse a personal flavour in the cups. These help them to enhance their brand image and make their products customer-friendly. The brands incorporate various designs and patterns on these cups, as per their requirements. They can also be customized according to sizes. Thus, the companies design them according to the aptitudes of specific customers.



These cups are easy to recycle and reuse. The cardboard is removed from the plastic cover and recycled.

The pulp is used to make other products and cups. It is eco-friendly in nature and good for the future of our planet. The companies are striving to go green, and this is one of the most effective strategy for the good cause.



Restaurants, coffee shops and other commercial bodies strive to ensure hygiene to their customers.

Therefore, they look out for an alternative to the traditional cups. Paper cups are meant for the use-and throw purpose. They need not be cleaned and purified using chemicals and detergents. This is one of the mot hygienic ways to enjoy a beverage. As they are used by a single person, risks of contamination of germs is zero. These paper cups are disinfected while manufacturing and come neatly packaged. There is no scope for the germs to accumulate.

Paper cups are easy to carry, small in size and instantly disposable. The best way to customize paper cups is to partner a reliable supplier. Reputed companies design these cups as per your specifications. You can boost up your business when you partner one of the reputed suppliers to ensure a constant supply of personalized paper cups.

5 Tips For You To Ease The Process Of Choosing Bakery Packaging

There are few start-up companies who make the blunder of focusing more on manufacturing the product and tend to neglect the packaging.

Opting for the right material to pack your bakery product is a must so that your retailers and customers can keep the product safely on the shelf.

Packing your product with some bulky material or those having the wrong shape can make your buyers disappointed as the item may consume too much space on their shelves.


The material used for packaging the product should be compact and light. This helps in minimising their cost of transportation and storage requirements, while at the same time maximise their visual appeal and value.

Working with an experienced packaging company and using the knowledge of their designer can also help a great deal.

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Choosing Bakery Packaging Material Will Become Easier With The Following Tips



If your product is soft or fragile, the material used for packing it should be sturdy. If your customer has to reheat the product before consumption, choose a heat-resistant packing material. If the product is in a semi-liquid state, pack it in a material crafted from plastic. Whatever material you opt for, make sure that it can prevent the product from contamination.



Since you are selling bakery products, it is a must to opt for a packaging material which can trigger the appetite of your consumers. A packet having a ‘window’ or transparent space through which your customer can see the bakery item before buying will not only enhance their appetite but also give them the assurance that the product is fresh and appealing. Clearing stating the quality of the item on the packet is also advisable.



Companies engaged in manufacturing packets for bakery products should keep themselves updated about the latest trends and designs consumers are looking for in it. The material used for packing should not only be environment-friendly but also convenient for the consumers. Opting for a material which can be easily disposed of is an added advantage.



Considering your finances is a must before approaching a company offering bakery packaging. There are instances when the ideal packing material for your product is something your company can’t afford. So, instead of opting for the perfect material, opt for one which suits all your requirements including your budget. The best is to have a clear conversation with the designer of the company you approach.

Designer’s Experience


Approaching a company offering an experienced graphic designer to craft a design for your packet really comes handy in the retail industry. They design the packet after considering the vision of your product, the image it has in the mind of your consumers, the price point, and your brand logo. They have expertise in enhancing the visual appeal of your bakery products.

This being said, it’s time to approach a reliable company having years of experience in manufacturing premium-quality bakery packaging material.

Bakery Packaging Ideas That Can Boost Up Your Sales

Innovative packaging strategies do half of the marketing when you think of bakery products. Well, you would agree that visual appeal has a positive effect in driving the cravings of a potential buyer.


Trendy bakery packaging ideas are known for their simplicity. Yet, they can hit the right spot to ‘sell’ the product. Marketing is partially a psychological process, a sort of mind game, where the sellers need to get the better of the clients. Think of cakes, pastries, bread, cookies and pies. You may produce delicious edibles for the people, but how can you make them taste your products?

Well, the puzzle gets simplified once you have the right packaging partner by your side. These specialists provide you with all sorts of packaging solutions and make your products palatable to the customers.

Read on to know the six most important bakery packaging trends that sold products in 2016:

Digital Printing


In a digitized world, packaging trends need to be smart. Digital packaging makes the product attractive.

The company is able to customize the packaging process and incorporate the right mix of graphics, visuals and texts. The labels can be made more beautiful and you can enjoy the element of personalization in the products.

Clean Labeling


A simple, clear label enhances the clarity of the package. This helps the customers to view the ingredients.

A lot of health-conscious people see the text written on the packets. The names of ingredients and their percentages of shares in the product can be incorporated in the package seamlessly through clean labels.

Selection of Size


From small cup-cakes to large celebration cakes, you need a diverse range of sizes when it comes to packaging.

The size of these packages also varies from one product to another. The right size of packaging materials, their colour combinations and other elements leverage the marketing strategy.

Variety in Packaging


When you think of successful bakery packaging, make sure that all the products do not look the same.

Variety brings spice to life, so ensure that you maintain this diversity with your products as well. Pouches, packets, boxes, strips and other varieties can make the packages attractive to the customers.

Eco-Friendly Properties


With the ‘go green’ strategies influencing business, bakery companies have resorted to environment-friendly materials for packing the products.

They are using reusable materials that can be re-purposed. Statistical data reveal that around 63% of the people prefer to buy eco-friendly products.

Mobile-Engaged Strategies of Packing


With the trends of marketing rapidly changing, the buyers love to see their favourite bakery brands in their mobile devices.

Be updated with the technology. You can greet the guests once they step into your store through a little message on their smartphones, or a coupon with special discounts popping up in their screens.

Choose the right bakery packaging company to get access to suitable lids, cups, food containers and related accessories. Reliable companies like Progressive Supplies have re-defined bakery packaging strategies.

Approach the front-runners in the industry to zoom ahead in the competitive scenario in a digitized world.

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