Now Recycling Paper Cups Has Become Easier Than You Think

With advancement in technology, paper cup manufacturers are offering products in various designs and colours to enhance their appealing quotient. But just because they are manufactured for one-time use, it doesn’t make them useless after you have enjoyed your cup of tea or coffee.


Paper cup disposals are treated to be the latest development in the field of composting. These cups are generally coated with a thin layer of plastic and this makes it hard to separate the paper and plastic during the recycling process. With millions of these cups being thrown away on a daily basis, composting and recycling them has almost become a necessity.

How To Prepare The Cups For Recycling?

  • The paper sleeve of the coffee cups can be removed and recycled using corrugated cardboard.
  • If the manufacturer has used the plastic in the non-bottle form, the plastic lid can also be recycled.
  • If you have a preference for bio-based cups, try composting them in your backyard compost bin.
  • Composting breaks down the paper in it but you might have a problem in dealing with the plastic lining.

Plastic Lining In Paper Cups

Though using plastic while manufacturing those paper cups lower the rate of composting or recycling them, the plastic lining offers their own set of benefits. It keeps the cup waterproof and makes them capable of holding the liquid without getting leaked. Plastic is a poor conductor of heat and electricity and so it helps in maintaining the temperature of the cup. You can hold it firmly in your hand even when it is filled with hot tea or coffee.

Time Taken To Recycle Paper Cups

The time taken to recycle these cups or those paper carrier bags is completely dependent on the method through which you are recycling it and material used to manufacture it. If PLA (polylactic acid) is used in place of polyethylene to line those cups, you will be able to compost them commercially within 60 days.


Why Are Paper Cups Always A Better Option Than The Styrofoam Variety?

  • The time taken to decompose paper cups is faster and is thus treated to be a more environmentally friendly option.
  • They are crafted from trees which are a renewable resource.
  • They decompose faster and can be recycled easily.
  • Even the paper cups coated with polyethylene don’t become toxic when eaten accidentally or microwaved.
  • They can be decomposed within a few days and produce fewer greenhouse gases.


Since paper cups offer so many benefits and recycling them isn’t a daunting task, it’s high time you start looking for a reliable manufacturer and enjoy your cup of hot coffee in style.


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