5 Latest Trends in The Food Packaging Industry You Were Not Aware Of

Not everyone is aware of the fact that the packaging industry has recently experienced some drastic innovation and become more technologically advanced. Members of this industry are willing to uncover new challenges by generating packaging materials having more potential. When it’s about the food industry, the importance of retail packaging multiplies.

Retail packagingFood packaging


The food packaging industry has become quite competitive and vibrant. According to a recently conducted survey, new packaging trends are evolving and are expected to rule the next few years. This will not only impact the food brand but also influence how consumers will interact with the packaging of the food.

Opting For Food Packaging? Know The 5 Latest Trends And Stay Updated

  • Personalisation

When it’s about the design of the packet, having a personal touch is a vital point to consider. This will help the brands interact with their customers on a personal level and deliver the experience they are expecting. There are few companies who let their customers design the label of their food products and customise it. This is treated to be their new source of revenue.

  • Clean And Clear

Unless the label on the food products is clean, clear, and precise, consumers won’t get easily attracted. Opting for food packets loaded with lots of messages is something they generally don’t prefer. Vital information like the ingredients and their nutritional value, safety, and function are sufficient. This information should be conveyed in an easy manner so that consumers can take an informed decision of purchasing it without any confusion.


  • Appealing

Food manufacturers and brand owners are getting conscious about the importance of packaging which is appealing to their consumer’s senses. The visual appeal is the primary element that can attract consumers towards the packaging of your food products. Designing should be done in such a way that can arise human senses. It should have a touch of luxury, freshness, and quality.

  • Mobilisation

With mobile technology becoming more dominant, mobile-engaged packaging is also rising. The information on the packets should be conveyed in the smartest and intelligent manner. Since consumers are becoming more phone savvy, brand owners are willing to provide short information which can engage their customers. Smart labels or the ones having bar codes are also rising. Consumers can use their smartphone to read those codes.

  • Weight

Brand owners are now well aware of the fact that consumers prefer food products packed in lightweight materials. Companies engaged in packing water bottles, nowadays prefer printing on the bottles directly, instead of opting for labels. An easy tear-off near the neck is all that is required. This keeps the weight of the bottle light and offers top-load performance.

Food packaging

One of the main reasons why food manufacturers are opting for innovative food packaging is to keep their customers engaged and enhance their brand loyalty. If you also want your brand to outshine its peers, start following the trends stated above.


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