Bakery Packaging Ideas That Can Boost Up Your Sales

Innovative packaging strategies do half of the marketing when you think of bakery products. Well, you would agree that visual appeal has a positive effect in driving the cravings of a potential buyer.


Trendy bakery packaging ideas are known for their simplicity. Yet, they can hit the right spot to ‘sell’ the product. Marketing is partially a psychological process, a sort of mind game, where the sellers need to get the better of the clients. Think of cakes, pastries, bread, cookies and pies. You may produce delicious edibles for the people, but how can you make them taste your products?

Well, the puzzle gets simplified once you have the right packaging partner by your side. These specialists provide you with all sorts of packaging solutions and make your products palatable to the customers.

Read on to know the six most important bakery packaging trends that sold products in 2016:

Digital Printing


In a digitized world, packaging trends need to be smart. Digital packaging makes the product attractive.

The company is able to customize the packaging process and incorporate the right mix of graphics, visuals and texts. The labels can be made more beautiful and you can enjoy the element of personalization in the products.

Clean Labeling


A simple, clear label enhances the clarity of the package. This helps the customers to view the ingredients.

A lot of health-conscious people see the text written on the packets. The names of ingredients and their percentages of shares in the product can be incorporated in the package seamlessly through clean labels.

Selection of Size


From small cup-cakes to large celebration cakes, you need a diverse range of sizes when it comes to packaging.

The size of these packages also varies from one product to another. The right size of packaging materials, their colour combinations and other elements leverage the marketing strategy.

Variety in Packaging


When you think of successful bakery packaging, make sure that all the products do not look the same.

Variety brings spice to life, so ensure that you maintain this diversity with your products as well. Pouches, packets, boxes, strips and other varieties can make the packages attractive to the customers.

Eco-Friendly Properties


With the ‘go green’ strategies influencing business, bakery companies have resorted to environment-friendly materials for packing the products.

They are using reusable materials that can be re-purposed. Statistical data reveal that around 63% of the people prefer to buy eco-friendly products.

Mobile-Engaged Strategies of Packing


With the trends of marketing rapidly changing, the buyers love to see their favourite bakery brands in their mobile devices.

Be updated with the technology. You can greet the guests once they step into your store through a little message on their smartphones, or a coupon with special discounts popping up in their screens.

Choose the right bakery packaging company to get access to suitable lids, cups, food containers and related accessories. Reliable companies like Progressive Supplies have re-defined bakery packaging strategies.

Approach the front-runners in the industry to zoom ahead in the competitive scenario in a digitized world.


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